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Creation & Functions of the Department of Public Enterprises

The Department of Public Enterprises was created by the Govt. of Assam vide Notification No. ABP 133/76/pt.1/4 on the 8th of July, 1976 of the Appointment Branch of the Appointment (B) Department

As per the notification, the new Department of Public Enterprises was to cover all the enterprises then under Industries and Sericulture & Weaving Departments and also other Enterprises under other Departments. The Department was notified to work directly under the Chief Secretary.

An Important function of the New Department was to exercise supervision and control over the commercial and management aspects of the Public Enterprises.

The other functions of the Department were notified to be as below:

  • To help evolve and implement the overall policy of the State Government for the efficient management and control of the State's Public Enterprises.
  • To ensure compliance with statutory obligations by the Public Enterprises
  • To monitor the performance of the Public Enterprises and to initiate remedial actions, whenever necessary.
  • To examine and approve of the new projects, schemes, programmes and plans of the Public Enterprises having regard to the full economic implementation of the investments proposed in terms of market demand, operating cost, investment pattern and benefit cost analysis in consultation with other Departments as may be necessary.
  • To arrange performance appraisal and control systems for project under the Public Enterprises and to evaluate performance of the projects.
  • To have the annual accounts of the Public Enterprises analyzed and to take necessary post-audit actions.
  • To deal with policy and manpower planning and management expertise as required at the Government level, covering in particular, recruitment, selection, appointment and training of executive personnel in the Public Enterprises and to organize an industrial management cadre in the state.
  • To guide and assist the Public Enterprises in regard to their operations and objectives as may be necessary for the State Government in dealing with the out-side agencies
  • To Co-ordinate the functions and operations of the different Public Enterprises in the State.

The Assam Rules of Executive Business, 1968 provide that:

  • Before setting-up any public sector undertaking, each administrative departments will have to consult Public Enterprises Department and obtain its views.
  • All appointments to the Board of Directors and appointments of Chief Executive of Public Sector Undertakings should be done in consultation with Public Enterprises Department
  • Whenever capital investment of more than Rs. 1 lakh is made in public sector industries, the clearance of Public Enterprises Department should be obtained
  • Audited accounts, monthly & quarterly reports of the Public Sector Units should be sent to Public Enterprises Department to enable it to scrutinize each unit's performance and to suggest corrective measures.

For ammmended Rules see notification here.

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